Seva is a word that comes from the Indian tradition.  It means “selfless service.”

Helping Hands

Helping Another is Seva

Performing seva, or selfless acts of service, is a beautiful way to remember our Divine Origin.  It helps us transcend the illusion of the ego, or our “separative” existence, and experience the unity that underlies all life- We are One.

Seva raises one’s frequency, burns off karma, and improves the quality of life for all beings on our planet.

In the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training, seva becomes more than just a special activity we perform once in a while.  It actually becomes a qualitative state of our being.  We recognize that we are here to serve others and the Light, and we begin to live from that level of consciousness.

Every person and every Lightworker is unique, and will be drawn to serve the Divine in different ways.

Seva can be as grand and complex as starting a humanitarian organization, or as simple and effortless as offering a smile or a helping hand to someone in need.

Working with people, animals, plants, the environment… doing what you love… you can incorporate all of it into the unique expression of your seva to the planet and to the Light!