New England Lightworker Training Application

Welcome Prospective Lightworkers,

This form is for prospective Lightworkers who live in New England or Northeast US.

If you have not yet experienced working with Mirabai Devi in a private one-on-one session, you will need to do that first before applying to join the Lightworker Training. To schedule a private session- to be done by phone, Skype, or in person- please call the Mirabai Devi Foundation office at 760-216-1029 (US West Coast time).

If you have already experienced the intensity of private work with Mirabai and feel called to apply to join her Lightworker Training, please answer the questions below. Questions in bold are required fields. After submitting your application form, you will be contacted to arrange a brief follow-up interview by phone. Please keep in mind that due to interest in the Lightworker Training, it may take us several weeks to get back to you. If you do not hear back from anyone in three weeks, please call the office at 760-216-1029 to let us know!

We look forward to speaking with you! Namaste!