Accomodations Terms & Conditions

1. ACCOMMODATION PRICE INCLUDES * Eight (8) nights of lodging * Includes breakfast on the following days: Sunday October 23rd, Monday October 24th, Tuesday October 25th, Wednesday, October 26th, Thursday October 27th, Friday October 28th, Saturday October 29th, and Sunday October 30th * Includes lunch on October 23rd, 2011 * Includes dinner on October 29th, 2011. Please note your tuition cost includes daily lunch and dinner, so between the cost of your accommodations and the cost of your retreat tuition you will be provided with three full meals daily beginning October 23rd and concluding on the morning of October 30th, 2011. 

2. Check-in time is Saturday, October 22nd: 4:00pm. Check-out time is Sunday, October 30th: 10:00am.


3. PAYMENTS: The cost of lodging at the retreat house can be paid either a) in full payment or b) in three installments: the first installment of 34% is required at the time your reservation is confirmed. The second installment of 33% is due on or before September 12th, 2011. The final payment of 33% is due on or before October 10th, 2011. Full payment must be made fourteen days prior to the program commencement date. All payments accepted in U.S. dollars only.


Reservations should be made by filling out your request on the registration form. We will contact you to confirm if your request is available. Payment arrangements will be conducted at that time. Payment by credit card – your card provider may charge you additional fees due to currency changes or international banking costs. Please note that the Mirabai Devi Foundation is not responsible for these charges. Any miscellaneous personal bank charges will not be assumed by the Mirabai Devi Foundation.

A) The price of each room is available only for the full eight (8) days. The total cost is not available to be broken down into daily requests. 

CANCELLATION POLICIES: If you have to cancel, please inform us by phone at 760-216-1029 and please send us an email at You will be issued a cancellation reference which will be required in any subsequent correspondence period. No cancellation can be considered accepted until issue of the cancellation reference. 



Cancellation of reservation received 61 days or more prior to program, 25% of total cost is non-refundable. Cancellation of reservation received 31-60 days prior to program, 50% of total cost is non-refundable. Cancellation of reservation received 1-30 days prior to program, 75% of total cost is non-refundable. Cancellation on day of program (or considered a “no-show”), 100% of accommodation cost is non-refundable. 

B) TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is highly recommended for the guests of the retreat to purchase travel insurance. For your own safety, well-being, and financial protection, it is suggested that you are adequately insured. All material facts, likely to affect your insurance must be declared to your insurer at the time of your booking. This insurance should cover trip cancellation/interruption, including cancellation by the Mirabai Devi Foundation for reasons beyond its control, which includes, but is not limited to war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, or fire, and should cover your total costs. You are therefore responsible for providing your own travel insurance. Premium costs are quite reasonable. 

C) The Mirabai Devi Foundation is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items left on or about the premises. Guest(s) hereby indemnifies, holds harmless and agrees to defend the Mirabai Devi Foundation from and against all claims, damages, expenses (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and legal recovery costs), liabilities and judgments on account of injury to persons, loss of life, or damages to the Premises. The guest’s obligations with respect to indemnification shall remain effective, notwithstanding the expiration of termination of the Agreement, as to claims arising prior to the expiration or termination of this Agreement. The Mirabai Devi Foundation is not responsible for dissatisfaction with the accommodations and/or facilities; guest(s) waive any and all claims against the Mirabai Devi Foundation for such. Guest(s) accept full responsibility for their own acts, including injuries or death from the home or property. Guest(s) authorize the Mirabai Devi Foundation to charge them for any damage beyond normal wear and tear. No pets allowed.

D) FLORA and FAUNA: Although this home is well-maintained, Hawaii’s Tropical Environment harbors a wide variety of plant, animal, and insect life.  You may see more insects and lizards (geckos) during your stay here than you are accustomed to. Be advised that this is commonplace and shall not warrant reimbursement of funds.  

E) WEATHER:  Kauai weather is unpredictable.  Inclement natural conditions shall not serve to alter or cancel Guest’s obligations under this Agreement.  

F) HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS: Although high speed internet access will be available, some interruptions to this service can occur.  Neither interruption nor reduction of high speed internet access, nor incompatibility with any of the guest’s electronic devices will be reason for refund.  

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: In making this booking, you acknowledge and understand the extent of this contract, and hereby agree and will absolve and hold harmless Mirabai Devi and The Mirabai Devi Foundation, its Board Members, and their Directors, Staff, and Volunteers and any other parties connected with the Mirabai Devi Foundation in any way, singly, or collectively from and against any blame or liability for any injury, misadventure, harm, loss, inconvenience or damage suffered or sustained while participating in the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Retreat.


I have read and agreed to the Mirabai Devi Foundation policies relating to cancellation and rescheduling of the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Retreat, and agree to pay in full for services requested or reserved and accept the above terms and conditions.


Mirabai Devi Foundation

The Mirabai Devi Foundation, PO Box 235615, Encinitas, CA 92023. (760)216-1029,,