Planet EarthWe are living in an exciting time on the planet.  The Earth is changing, consciousness is expanding, and humanity is being presently asked to meet these changes with our own evolution of consciousness.  Many of us have felt a special calling in this special age. Maybe we have felt the desire or the need to expand our consciousness and our lives in a limitless way?  Or maybe we have felt a deep compassion for humanity and a desire to help the Earth and the environment?  Maybe we have been drawn to healing professions or have felt a deep longing for the Divine or have been  ardently drawn to spiritual practices?

There are people on the Earth now who have been called to perform a sacred service to the Divine Light and to humanity to help with this transitional phase on Earth.  They are often called Lightworkers.

A Lightworker is an individual ready to walk his or her spiritual path in the world- to be and hold the tone of Light and Love in his or her local community, to help raise the consciousness of the planet, and to serve the Divine Light.

Hello and Welcome to MirabaiLightworkers.org, the official home for the Mirabai Devi Lightworker School on the web!

Here you can find information on Lightworkers, Mirabai Devi, the Mirabai Devi Lightworker training, the Lightworker schools and our seva to the planet.  We hope you enjoy your stay and may you be blessed with love and light during this phenomenal time to be alive!