Qualities of a Lightworker Candidate

Lotus Flower GraphicThe following qualities are general traits Mirabai looks for in a Lightworker candidate:

A Lightworker is someone who is called to be of service to humanity, and is:

  • On a spiritual path already
  • Clear in their desire to be aligned with the Light and consciously strives to be positive at all times
  • Personally connected to the Divine within themselves
  • Deeply committed to their own spiritual development
  • Willing to go deep within themselves and face whatever comes up as they evolve

While many Lightworkers want to become spiritual teachers or practitioners in various healing modalities, these aspirations are not required in order for a person to be accepted into the Lightworker Training.

Lotus Flower Graphic

Specific Requirements Required To Begin the Lightworker Training

The following conditions are required of a prospective Lightworker Training candidate.  An individual must be willing to meet them in order to be accepted into the training.

1. All Lightworker Training candidates must have experienced Mirabai and her work personally.

Due to the intensity of the Lightworker Training, each participant needs to have experienced direct transmission of the Divine Light prior to beginning the Training. For those who have not done recent private work with Mirabai, two hours of private session work is required as part of the admissions process. This greatly helps to prepare each participant and establishes the connection that enables Mirabai to help them throughout the Training. These private sessions are a one-time additional expense, separate from the cost of the Lightworker Training itself. Private sessions with Mirabai can be done over the phone, and cost USD $350 per hour. To schedule a private session, please send an email from our contact form or call 760.216.1029.

2. A candidate must be free of addictions: no smoking (including tobacco, nicotine, or marijuana*), and no regular alcohol use. (An occasional glass of wine is fine.)

* Please note: Mirabai is open to receiving whoever is sincerely called to the Lightworker path.  If you feel called to be a Lightworker, but are currently struggling to let go of an addiction, Mirabai can help you heal and move toward spiritual freedom through direct transmission of the Divine Light during personal sessions.  She has successfully helped many people to permanently overcome their addictions.  There are also many wonderful 12-step programs which offer free methods and support to individuals recovering from addiction.

As long as a candidate is completely willing and ready to let go of an addiction and makes a full commitment to him or herself, to Mirabai, and, especially, to his or her inner self to do ongoing, daily inner work to heal, he or she may be invited to join the Lightworker Training now. If a candidate is not quite ready to do without an addictive substance on a consistent basis now, that candidate can still receive consistent support as he or she prepares to join the Lightworker Training in the future.

Mirabai Devi FoundationFor information on upcoming public events to meet Mirabai and learn more about her work, please visit the Events Page on Mirabai’s website.

To schedule a personal session with Mirabai, please call Michele at the Mirabai Devi Foundation (760.216.1029) or use our contact form.

The Mirabai Devi Foundation website is www.mirabaidevifoundation.org.