About Lightworker Training with Mirabai Devi


Mirabai DeviThe Lightworker Training is an advanced program specifically
designed for those who are called to service.


The Lightworker Training:

  • Delves into the mysteries of the subtle laws of co-creation, healing and transformation of both the individual and collective human conscious.
  • Lightworkers learn mastery of the energies of thought, feeling, and word, and how to work through individual and collective fear through the grace of Divine Principal.
  • Lightworkers learn to hold the Divine Light at all times and to be a beacon in all circumstances.
  • Lightworker Training is ongoing.

The first part of the training is to cleanse the self on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, and causal. This is the most challenging part of the work; one must face the issues, blocks and fears created throughout our life. With the support of Mirabai and your Lightworker group, each individual is guided through a deep clearing process. It is most important that one maintain the practices that Mirabai will guide you in: meditation, physical exercise, organic diet, chanting mantras, forgiveness prayers, positive thinking, and daily self-care practice. It is your own practice that integrates and maintains the new vibratory level that has been accessed.

The process then leads to a deep opening to your own internal spiritual gifts and abilities. When you are ready, Mirabai will help you to begin to use this healing work to help others. This will lead to Lightworkers being able to help family, friends and colleagues.  At this point in the process some participants may choose to begin their own healing practice, or integrate Lightwork into a current one.

Lightworker Training unfolds on a timeline that is organic and based on your own readiness and the rate of your expansion of consciousness.  Mirabai is divinely guided to help each individual. The Divine Light will give each participant exactly what is needed for his or her own development.

Mirabai requires a conscious, ongoing commitment to the Divine Light and to your own spiritual development when you join this program.  She then commits to oversee your development over time.  The Lightworker Training is ongoing.

Due to the intensity of the Lightworker Training, each participant needs to have experienced direct transmission of the Divine Light prior to beginning the Training. For those who have not done recent private work with Mirabai, two hours of private session work is required as part of the admissions process. This greatly helps to prepare each participant and establishes the connection that enables Mirabai to help them throughout the Training. These private sessions are a one-time additional expense, separate from the cost of the Lightworker Training itself. Private sessions with Mirabai can be done over the phone, in person or by Skype, and cost USD $350 per hour. To schedule a private session, please send an email to info@mirabaidevi.org or call 760.216.1029.

Historically, each Lightworker Training group met with Mirabai Devi in-person across one day, usually for 7 hours. This included approximately 6 hours for training and 1 hour for a shared potluck vegetarian meal. This is still done if there are sufficient Lightworkers in a particular geographical region.

Now the Lightworker Training is also open to individuals from any part of the world who have completed the admission requirements. Lightworker Trainings are currently remotely joined through an audio teleconference system. People joining by phone can be heard by everyone who is there in person with Mirabai, and vice versa. Since the gift of Divine Light operates outside of time and space anyway, the person joining remotely receives the Divine Light in full.

Both in-person or audio teleconference Lightworker Trainings cost USD $300 per training, per person.  Lightworkers usually participate in two training sessions per year, which would total $600 per year (this cost does not include the one-time private sessions as noted above). It is possible to participate in more than two trainings in a year, if the participant desires to do so.

For more information, please read through the different pages on this website. You are also welcome to Contact your regional Lightworker Training Coordinator with additional questions.

If you are ready to apply to join the Lightworker Training, please fill out the Online Application Form by visiting the appropriate School Page. After submitting your application, you will be contacted by a Lightworker Training coordinator to arrange a brief phone interview.

Thank you for your interest in Mirabai Devi’s Lightworker Training. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Mirabai Devi Foundation is pleased to present Lightworker Training as part of the Foundation’s ongoing mission to promote education and information to help humanity cultivate spiritual growth, and to raise the awareness and consciousness of humanity.