Lotus FlowerThe Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training is an ongoing, advanced spiritual training for those who are called to be of service to humanity.  The students Mirabai takes on as Lightworkers are consciously and profoundly committed to evolving their consciousness to be most effective in that service.

The Lightworkers have a sacred role in helping raise the collective consciousness during this exciting time of global evolution. The fruits of their enlightenment, which is supported and nurtured to its full expression through the Lightworker Training, become a blessing to be shared with friends, family, the collective body of humanity, and all life on Earth.

Are you ready to step into the Light?

Be of Service?

And share in the creation of a beautiful, new reality of life on Earth?

Then perhaps you are ready to…

Be a Lightworker


The Lightworker Training Pages

Please explore the following links to learn more about the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training, the qualities Mirabai looks for in Lightworker students, the requirements for admission to the Lightworker program, and information on upcoming trainings.

Lightworker Training With Mirabai Devi : includes a detailed description of the Lightworker Training- what it is, the format, layout and specific skills/ levels of consciousness mastered during the Lightworker Training

Qualities of a Lightworker Candidate: includes a general list of qualities Mirabai looks for in students she takes on as Lightworkers, as well as some specific requirements that a potential Lightworker must meet before beginning the Lightworker Training

Preparing to Become a Lightworker: for spiritual seekers who desire to become a Lightworker, but are not yet committed to the process, for whatever reason… this page includes suggestions to guide an individual through the discernment process, as well as suggested practices for individuals who are consciously preparing for the Lightworker Training

Training Materials: includes the basic training materials Lightworkers use to raise their consciousness during the first leg of the training.  These materials are free and available to the public.  Use of these materials as part of a daily spiritual practice benefits anyone who feels drawn to use them.  They are also a great way for individuals preparing to become Lightworkers to begin the clearing out process necessary for full empowerment as a Lightworker.

Upcoming Lightworker Trainings: includes information on upcoming training sessions, the links to each school’s Lightworker training schedules, and ways to contact the Lightworker training coordinators in each school

The Lightworker Schools

The Lightworker schools provide a localized level of community support for Lightworkers, as they undergo the purification process necessary to sustain the new levels of consciousness accessed through the Lightworker Training.  Lightworker schools organize group meetings, community events and seva (self-less service) opportunities for the Lightworkers, as a way to help the community stay connected to each other and to the Divine Light in between trainings.

Currently the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training is offered through three schools in the United States.  They are:

The California Lightworker School

The New England Lightworker School

The Charleston Lightworker School

For those outside the above organized areas, please use the following link to apply. Lightworker Application for those Outside an Organized Area

For more information on the Lightworker schools, please click here, or navigate to a specific school page by clicking the links above.  For information on the various seva opportunities and projects being organized by the current Mirabai Devi Lightworkers, please visit the Lightworker Seva Page.

For any other questions or for a more in depth inquiry on the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training, please send an email from our contact form.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you enjoy exploring our site!