New England Lightworker School

Purple LotusHistorically, the New England Lightworker Trainings have been scheduled twice a year in Massachusetts. Currently there are two group trainings per year with Mirabai Devi in person (usually scheduled in April/May and October). The next opportunity to join Mirabai Devi’s Lightworker Training in the Northeast is April 8, 2017. These group trainings will be held with Mirabai in person in eastern Massachusetts. If you are interested to join the Mirabai Devi Lightworker Training in the New England region, please read through the information included in the Training section of this website. Then fill out an Online Application Form. It’s important to leave some time for the steps that are involved to join the Training. Please note that it is important to experience private work with Mirabai before you apply to join the Lightworker Training.

Click Here to Fill out the New England Lightworker Application Form