Currently there are 3 Lightworker Training schools in the USA. They are listed below with links to each school page, which contains information specific to each school, such as the regional Lightworker Training Coordinator for that area and that region’s Online Application to the Lightworker Training.

If you live anywhere in the world outside the areas below and are interested in Lightworker training for yourself, please apply directly to the Lightworker Training Coordinator.  Please keep in mind it is important to experience private session work with Mirabai Devi before you apply to join the Lightworker Training.

The California Lightworker School
The California school had its first Lightworker Traning in Long Beach, CA in 2010. Future Lightworker Trainings will take place in Southern California. Please visit the California school page, by clicking the link above, to learn more.
South Carolina
The Charleston Lightworker School
The Charleston Lightworker Training School was started in 2009.  Lightworker Trainings are hosted in the Charleston area, but are open to the Southeast region of the United States.  For more information on the Charleston school, please click the link above.
New England
The New England Lightworker School
The New England Lightworker Training School is the oldest Lightworker school, and where the trainings originated. The New England Lightworker school is currently based in the greater Boston area, with participants coming from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Canada.   For more information on the New England Lightworker School, please click the link above.
Planet Earth
Lightworkers Outside Organized Areas
If you live anywhere in the world outside the current schools listed above, please submit your application directly to the Lightworker Training Coordinator by clicking the link above.